I’m Sarah, an intuitive business coach, serving soul-centred women who want to enjoy life.

I help business women find creative strategies, systems, and solutions that put an end to overwork and overwhelm. With focused coaching, you can achieve your life and income goals, create fulfilment and fun, light up your soul and ignite your passion.
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Winged It

Sarah was such a great help with my small business! She give me idea's that I had not even though of, and explained area's that I could improve on my website. Sarah was so lovely and understanding, highly recommend! 🧡

Mumma Bear Western

Sarah is very caring with her approach and knowledgeable in what she does! With a recent meeting with her I found Sarah able to connect quickly with myself and business. Sarah passed on, in our limited time, a lot of her her wisdom which helped me move forward with my ideas and some new ones!

Focus Energy Hub

Sarah has a great knowledge of the industry and she truly cares about others. She is sharing lots of information for free to support the community.

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A coaching session with Sarah Carrie Business Coach is right for you, if you are earning 6 figures or more and are ready to — explode your business by connecting with your soul’s desire look at your current situation with an open mind and willingness to learn be vulnerable, brave, and open-hearted leave worry, stress, and anxiety behind rediscover the joy you once found in chasing your dreams.

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I began my working life as a hairdresser at age 15 and quickly realised that to have control of my income, I needed to have a business of my own.
From small beginnings in my home salon, I eventually grew my business into a thriving commercial salon with a team of hairdressers.
But financial prosperity and success brought with it increased stress and anxiety.
I remember in particular one busy Christmas when one of my staff was away. Not only did I have to pay sick leave, but we couldn’t keep up with the appointments. I was in fear I would lose everything and felt sick going into work each day. I thought the solution was getting a “real” job, so I sold the business, swaped my scissors for a lap top and headed off on my next adventure in the corporate world.
I worked hard and made my way through the ranks to the position of General Manager. But the pressures of being an executive are just as real as being a hairdresser.
While I worked nights and weekends to catch up, I missed family parties and school concerts. I took my stress out on my loved ones and fell short as a partner, parent, and friend.
When my husband let me know he’d reached the end of his patience, I realised things needed to change. I invested in a mindset coach who made me feel supported and understood for the first time in my career.
I became the wife and mother I had always wanted to be, and developed a business strategy that would allow me to earn more money without feeling as though I had nothing left to give. When I came out the other side, I had stepped into my soul-centred self and connected to my gift of intuition.
I now help women with similar experiences find the joy and relief of living a life of meaning, connection, and success.
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Emily Chadbourne

Unashamedly Human

Sarah came along at the right time, she had the knowledge and patience I needed to feel safe and looked after. Sarah has been nothing but reliable, professional and efficient and I have seen amazing results with a growth in my market and following, more leads coming into my business and ultimately more sales. Sarah is a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend her.

Rachael Thompson-Philips
Oracle Card Expert | Intuition Teacher
International Psychic


Sarah is incredibly efficient, professional and so fabulous to work with that I will be using her services many times over… I just can’t say express enough just how wonderful & what an absolute pleasure it was to work with her. Not only did I have absolute confidence in her abilities, her professionalism but here quick turn around when any changes needed to be implemented was amazing.

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