Are you tired of your high-level income sucking the soul out of your life and your relationship?

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Sarah Carrie Intuitive Business Coach will help you stop swapping time for money, stop just existing and start enjoying life again.

Women in Business Circle

Intuitive Business Coaching Group Sessions. Let’s work together in soulful women's circle to create a life of fun and fulfilment, by seeing your business through fresh eyes, uncovering hidden opportunities, and achieving your stretch goals.

Let’s explore your deep desires and dreams, even if they seem unattainable from where you are right now with my three pillar system. 

How does it work?

The group is ran through Voxer, where you are not distracted by "other" types of groups. Voxer is like having a walkie talkie at your fingertips, where you can text or speak, have live conversations and the group can respond. I will be in here to help and guide you and as a collective there is so much empowerment. 

Twice a month we will come together in Zoom to work through the three pillars:

1. Making an impact

2. Making Money With Ease and Flow

3. Feeling full-filled and running a million dollar business.  

All recorded and saved in your own portal that is available in desktop or on the go through the app. 

Allowing my intuition to guide me, we as a collective to create a strategy to smash through your income cap, achieve your professional goals and still have time to play. We take your business to the next level, not by working more but through a scaling system personalised for you and your business. Having a coach and a team of like minded women by your side in the trenches gives you access to fresh problem solving ideas. Together, we design a business plan that lights you up and makes you fall in love with yourself, your family and your business all over again. Everything you need to be successful 3-month group coaching sessions • full access to the learning vault library. 

Join the waitlist now. 


Join the waitlist now.

Online Business with Social Media Foundations Course


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business


This 8-module online course contains video training, worksheets, resource library, and a 3-month membership in a private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, network with other women and access additional training. This course gives you the foundations to build a thriving business that aligns with your values and your brand. The modules cover —

• How to create a following and connect with an audience who know they need you and your offer in their life

• How to engage raving fans who will interact with your social media posts and videos and share them with their friends

• How to create a comprehensive business plan that will become the blueprint for building your dream business

• How to discover and articulate your ‘why’ so you can push through the challenging times with purpose and clarity

• How to identify your ideal audience, speak their language and solve their problems so they resonate with your message

• How to create a professional marketing plan that focuses on the benefits of your offer so your audience will beg to buy from you or work with you

• How to attract your ideal customer with a valued packed lead magnet that sparks interest and builds your email list

• How to review and adjust your ongoing strategy to create a social media presence that will elevate your brand and increase sales

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Dianne Gibbons

Astrologist and psychic

I'm new on social media and have been putting it off for years to go on Facebook.   I just wasn't comfortable putting myself out in the public eye for all to see and hear me. I was desperate and needed direction to start my business.  I reached out to Sarah to get my business started, as no-one is going to come knocking on my door waiting for things to happen.  Sarah has given me a wealth of knowledge, guidance and support every step of the way. It has opened up new doors and opportunities and given me the confidence and clarity to step out of my comfort zone.   Thank you Sarah you're a great mentor and I highly recommend you.